TARGET GROUP:  Patients suffering from heart muscle diseases (cardiomyopathy), patients after myocardial infarction and post-operative cardiac surgery (implantation of a support – stent, bypass, heart valve surgery).

Our program covering ambulatory cardiovascular rehabilitation is intended for patients experiencing increased cardiovascular risk (increased blood pressure – hypertension, increased fats in the blood, genetic predisposition towards cardiovascular diseases).

Aslo program can be use in preventive care of cardiovascular illnesses and diseases of the blood vessels in healthy persons.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: The program is designed and implemented on an individual basis. It begins with a cardiological examination and ultrasound of the heart as well as a load test (ergometry, stress echocardiography test or ergospirometry, depending on the physician’s assessment). The program lasts at least 10 days (two working weeks), with the optimum duration covering 15 days (three working weeks).

In the first week of rehabilitation, the existing treatment is adjusted so that the optimal medical treatment is determined. For individual patients, a blood sample is taken for analysis as decided by the physician.


TRAINING DESCRIPTION: Each day and prior to training, the patient will take preparations to improve the functioning of heart muscles, with the doses and combinations are designed to meet individual requirements.

During exercises on the bike ergometer and under controlled conditions, the ECG is continually monitored as well as the measuring of the arterial blood pressure. The loads are continually adjusted towards objective and subjective indicators during the program. Following the controlled loads on the bike ergometer, therapy involving active oxygen within a magnetic field is carried out.  During rehabilitation, the patient goes for specific walks (and if needed, heart activity is continually recorded or a medical nurse accompanies the patient) in the peaceful surroundings of a Mediterranean climate as well as the Mediterranean flora and fauna.

ACCOMODITATION AND TOURIST INFORMATIONS: During rehabilitation, there exists the possibility of acquiring accommodation in an apartment in the vicinity of the polyclinic.

Furthermore, the polyclinic also has at its disposal a 12-meter motor yacht which can be used to visit the beautiful islands in the Korčula archipelago.