15 Apr: Ergospyrometry (CPET)-more than ergometry!

Cardiopulmonary Exercise Testing (CPET) or Ergospyrometry is a diagnostic test used to simultaneously monitor in exercise: function of the heart, the lungs and metabolic changes.

26 Mar: Stress echocardiography-what is it?

Stress echocardiography means an ultrasound imaging of the heart under stress. In our Polyclinic we do echocardiography under physical exercise.

06 Feb: 24th World Cardiology conference

Prim.Dr Mila Jakovljević, Ph.D. delivered a lecture at the 24th World Cardiology conference in THong Kong (17-18 September 2018) on the…

06 Feb: Company valuation: A+

Sveti Nikola Polyclinic has again this year been awarded the best company valuation rate in Croatia according to the Company…

06 Feb: Participation in the cardiology congress

From 29 Nov. to 2 Dec.2018 the 12th Congress of the Croatian Cardiac Society and the 7th Congress of the…


In addition to our regular and excellent cooperation with the Violić-NadiloMedical-Biochemical Laboratory, for the purpose of simplicity and rapid analysis, we have purchased a test-device

09 May: Education

In the period from 30 March to 4 April 2017, our physicians PrimariusDr Mila Jakovljević and Dr Ana Fabris attended a course in Berlin in Germany. Namely, in that period, two courses on advanced cardiac ultrasound were held

29 Jun: Ambulatory cardiovascular rehabilitation programme

we have recently begun in our Polyclinic an ambulatory cardiovascular rehabilitation programme