kardiovaskularna poliklinika korčula naš tim
kardiovaskularna poliklinika korčula naš tim

She was born in Split, and completed primary and secondary school on Korčula.

In 2001, she graduated from the School of Medicine, University of Zagreb.

She undertook her trainee position at the Dubrovnik General Hospital, Korčula Medical Centre and the Vela Luka Medical Centre (2002 – 2004).

She worked in family medicine surgery and at the Emergency Medical Ward of the Korčula Medical Centre.

In 2006, she was employed at the Sveti Nikola Polyclinic for Cardiovascular Diseases on Korčula.

She specialised in internal medicine at the Split University Hospital Centre and at the Sisters of Mercy Clinical Hospital in Zagreb, where in 2010 she passed her specialist exam.

She continued her training in abdominal ultrasound diagnostics at the Split University Hospital Centre, in coloured Doppler imaging in examining extra-cranial cerebral circulation at the Sisters of Mercy Clinical Hospital in Zagreb, in Doppler ultrasound diagnostics of blood vessel diseases at the Dubrava Clinical Hospital in Zagreb, and ultrasound cardiac echocardiography at the Sisters of Mercy Clinical Hospital in Zagreb.

She got education in 4D TTE and 4D TEE in Berlin and Padova. In 2019. she passed exam in cardiology.

She has participated actively and passively at a number of cardiology congresses and is a member of the Croatian Association of Physicians.


Marija (Maja) Pleško Avšar,
a nurse

Born in Zagreb.

1988 -graduated from the Secondary School of Healthcare in Varaždin.

1988 – 1990- employed at the Department of Anaesthesiology and Reanimation at the “Dr. Mladen Stojanović”Hospital (nowKBC Sestre milosrdnice), whereshe passed the professional examination in1989

1990 – 1991 – employed at the Burns Department, Intensive Care Unit, Admission Out-patient Clinic and the Sports Medicine Department of the Traumatology Hospital in Zagreb

1991 – 1992 – employedat theRetirement Home Pensione sole in Torricelli, Switzerland.

1993 – 2021 – employed atthe Neurosurgery and Intensive Care Department, Central Intensive Care Unit for Abdominal Surgery at the University Medical Centre Ljubljana, Slovenia, and as a dispatcher at the Department for Transport of Specimens and the Reception of Patients.

April 2021 – ongoing- employed at thePolyclinic for Cardiovascular Diseases and Prevention Sveti Nikola