Based on a multi-step procedure supportive therapy developed by Prof. Dr. von Ardenne, our oxygen therapy was enhanced and improved with up-to-date scientific knowledge and experience that we have acquired in our institution. Inhaling oxygen in a magnetic field, having previously taken the appropriate supplements, intensely stimulates the uptake and utilisation of oxygen in cells, which turns out to be beneficial for the proper function of tissues and organs, including the heart muscle.

THE TREATMENT IS CARRIED OUT as a part of outpatient cardiovascular rehabilitation (when the rehabilitation can be supplemented with physical activity), but also as separate therapy sessions; it is suitable for patients with heart failure and chest pain (angina pectoris); arrhythmic seizures (paroxysmal fibrillation or atrial undulation) and respiratory flare-ups (eg. asthma attacks).

TREATMENT DESCRIPTION the patient is first administered supplements in the form of tablets. During the treatment, the patient wears a face mask by which they inhale oxygen. At the patient’s request, we can also play music during inhalation (music therapy). The therapy is non-invasive, painless and comfortable for the patient.