Natural and historic beauties of Korčula will leave you breathless.

Top diagnostics and professional and friendly staff are at your disposal.

Ambulatory cardiovascular rehabilitation in Korčula is the best relaxation for your heart, body and soul!

Ambulatory cardiovascular rehabilitation

A program designed to meet wishes and needs of a patient includes top diagnostic methods, oxygen therapy in magnetic field, telemetry monitored exercises, music therapy and regular consultations with our physicians.

Healing nature

Lush Mediterranean greenery, air enriched with maritime minerals, and healing Mediterranean flora, contribute favourably to the control and treatment of cardiovascular diseases.

Culture and tradition

With its centennial tradition of sword dances, among which Moreška is the most popular, and with a cappella singing echoing through the medieval stone-paved streets, the town of Marko Polo is a proud candidate for the UNESCO’s world heritage list.

Mediterranean diet

Extra virgin olive oils, fresh fish and sea food and organically grown fruit and vegetables, accompanied by a glass of some of the excellent wines produced from the island’s autochthonous sorts, make an ideal diet model for the heart and blood vessels.